7 Ways to Slim and Tone Arms

Controlled exercise, diet, and consistency are needed to slim and tone arms. Here are seven helpful workouts to reach your goal:




Classic push-ups work your chest, shoulders, and triceps. They build arm strength and tone. Starting with knee-ups might help if normal push-ups are too difficult.

Tricep dips:

Use a solid chair, bench, or parallel bars. Lower your torso and bend your elbows while sitting on the edge with your hands behind you and fingers pointing ahead.

Bicep curls:

Bicep curls work front arms. Perform them with dumbbells or resistance bands. With your arms outstretched and palms facing front

Overhead Press:

Exercises your shoulders and upper arms. Hold dumbbells at shoulder level with palms facing ahead and push them up until arms are fully extended. 

Lateral raises:

Side deltoids are isolated via lateral rises. Hold dumbbells at your sides, palms facing you, and raise your arms to shoulder height.

Arm Lift Plank:

The plank develops your core and arms. From a plank, raise one arm and stretch it forward, then alternate arms.

Resistance Band Pull-Aparts:

This workout works upper back and rear deltoids. Hold a resistance band in front of you with both hands outstretched. 



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