Dream Big, Sleep More: 7 Quick Ways to Develop Healthy Sleep Habits 

In today's hectic environment, sleep frequently takes a back place. However, good sleep habits improve health and productivity.


Sleep Regularly:

Consistency feeds your internal clock. Even on weekends, set bedtime and wake-up times. This regulates your circadian clock, making sleep and wakefulness simpler. 

Relaxing Bedtime Routine:

Do relaxing activities before night to tell your body to relax. Reading, moderate yoga, deep breathing, a warm bath, or relaxing music are examples. 

Sleep-Friendly Environment:

Your sleep environment affects quality. Keep your bedroom dark, quiet, and warm. Buy a supportive mattress and pillows.

Avoid Screens Before Bed:

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops produce blue light, which disrupts melatonin synthesis. Limit screen usage an hour before sleep.

Diet and Hydration:

Late-night caffeine and large meals might impair sleep. Avoid late-afternoon coffee and big, spicy, or fatty meals before night. 

Regular Exercise:

Exercise improves sleep. Most days, aim for 30 minutes of moderate activity, but avoid strenuous activities before night. Early morning exercise regulates sleep-wake cycles.

Stress Management:

Stress may disrupt sleep. Meditation, mindfulness, and gradual muscle relaxation reduce stress. Before night



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