Drinking water in a copper vessel for weight loss has 7 benefits.

Some civilizations drink water from copper vessels, which they say has health advantages, including weight reduction. Copper has specific qualities, although the evidence for many of these assertions is weak. 



Metabolism Boost:

Experts say copper-infused water boosts metabolism and may help you lose weight. Copper water's effect on metabolism is unknown, however copper is implicated in various metabolism-related enzyme activities.


Copper may help detoxify the body. Better detoxification may indirectly help weight reduction by improving general health, although there is little empirical proof.

Appetite Control:

Copper may control hunger and appetite. This notion is unsupported by research, and balanced diet and lifestyle practices manage appetite better.

Improved Digestion:

 Copper may assist digestion by breaking down meals and absorbing minerals. Digestion is important for health, but copper water may not help you lose weight.


Copper water may improve thermogenesis and calorie expenditure, according to proponents. However, further study is required to relate copper water to thermogenesis.

Balance Hormones:

Copper is involved in hormone manufacturing, therefore copper water may help regulate weight by balancing hormone levels. This assertion is hypothetical and needs further research.

Alkaline Features:

 Alkaline copper-infused water may help regulate body pH. Some research have connected alkaline meals to weight reduction, but copper vessel alkaline water's effect is uncertain.



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