The tallest tree in the world is a coast redwood named Hyperion, which stands at 379.7 feet tall in California's Redwood National Park.

Other notable tall trees in California include Helios, Icarus, and Stratosphere Giant.

Australia's Eucalyptus regnans, also known as the mountain ash, is the tallest flowering plant in the world and can be found in Tasmania.

The tallest Sitka spruce tree in the world is located in British Columbia's Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park and stands at 315 feet tall.

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China's Metasequoia glyptostroboides, also known as the dawn redwood, is one of the tallest trees in Asia and can be found in several parks and gardens.

The tallest tree in Europe is a Douglas fir named Hyperion, which stands at 253.7 feet tall in Redwood National Park in California.

Visitors can admire these towering giants by hiking through national parks, taking guided tours, or simply driving through scenic routes.

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