UNLOCK DEEP HIP! Try these exercises

Seven deep hip-opening movements help improve hip mobility and flexibility. Warm up and complete these tasks properly to avoid injury.



Lizard Pose:

Lunge low with your right foot forward. Drop your right forearm inside your right foot. Keep your rear leg extended or lower it for a deeper stretch. Hold 30-60 seconds, then swap sides.

Pigeon Pose:

Start in plank posture. Forward your right knee and position it behind your wrist. Stretch your left leg back. Fold forward over your right leg and square your hips. Hold 30-60 seconds, then swap sides.

Butterfly Stretch:

Sit on the floor with knees bent and feet touching. Keep your ankles or feet and softly push your knees to the floor. Maintain a straight back and sit tall. Hold the stretch 30-60 seconds.

Half-Happy Baby Pose:

Bend your knees and lie back. Hold onto the outside of your right foot and bring your right knee to your chest. Hip stretch by gently pressing your knee to the floor. Hold 30-60 seconds, then swap sides.

Frog Pose:

Get on your hands and knees. Slowly widen your knees until your hips expand comfortably. Flex your feet and plant your toes. Keep for 30-60 seconds.

Fire Log Pose:

Sit on the floor and stack your right and left shins. Flex your feet and stack your knees. Softly push your hands into your shins to intensify the stretch. Hold 30-60 seconds, then swap sides.

Wide-Legged Forward Fold:

Stand with feet wider than hip-width apart. Hinge at your hips and fold forward with a flat back. Support your hands on the floor or using blocks. Keep for 30-60 seconds.



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